Both my husband and I work regular full-time M-F, 8-5 desk jobs. I work in HR as a recruiter and my husband works in sales. We are very blessed to both be gainfully employed but we are not rich by any means.

What We Do for a Living

Dedicated Vacation Savings Account

How We Afford to Travel

Strict Budgets

We gave up cable to save money to travel

We cook instead of eating out to save money to travel

We car pool to work to save money to travel

We choose experiences over material items to save money to travel

I only suggest using credit card sign-up bonuses to assist with getting flights for free if you will 100% pay your monthly balance off in full each month.

We Use Credit Card Sign-Up Bonuses to Pay for Travel

We Only Book Flight Deals and We Are Flexible With Dates

Instead of picking where and when we want to go somewhere, we let flight deals dictate where we will go. Skyscanner is our favorite website! It allows you to enter dates you can travel, your home airport, and then will tell you the cheapest places you can do during that time.

As we only book flight deals we aren’t airline loyal however, we still have frequent flier accounts with multiple airlines. 

We Use Frequent Flier Miles to Pay for Flights