How do we afford to travel so much?

Two of the questions I am asked most is “What do we do for a living?” and “How do we afford to travel so much?”  While I do respond to these inquires individually I have been avoiding writing a post on it.  The reason is because I know how things can come across over the internet and I never want anyone to misconstrue my words or take them the wrong way.  With that said, I feel it’s time to address these questions


What We Do for a Living

Both my husband and I work regular full-time M-F, 8-5 desk jobs. I work in HR as a recruiter and my husband works in sales.

How we afford to travel

The number one way we afford to travel is with a dedicated vacation savings account for travel.  Each month we set aside an established amount to go into our travel fund, that way when a flight deal comes up we have the cash to pay for it.

In order to have money to put in our travel savings account we have very strict budgets.  We sacrifice and made some serious changes in our lifestyles because we love to travel and made the conscious effort to choose travel over things we personally deem less important.

Strict Budgets


We Use Credit Card Sign-Up Bonuses to Pay for Travel

This year we were able to use points from credit card sign-up bonuses to pay for our flights to Thailand, our hotel in Chiang Mai, half of our flights to Amsterdam, and 2 of our flights to Cuba.


Say what you want about airlines like Spirit but they have afforded our family the opportunity to travel frequently. From getting $100 round trip flights to Denver for our family ski trip to saving $600 over the next airline for our flights to Costa Rica Spirit always holds us down. Plus we never pay for bags and save $168over online prices just buying our flights at the airport. Check out my site to learn more how we maximize our savings!

We fly budget airlines