While we all have natural hair our hair types range from 3c-4c (I think) and so what works for one of us doesn’t always work for the other but we’ve thankfully been able to find products that do work well in all of our hair.

Detangle and Separate

Separate your hair into sections and detangle. This step is crucial as it will make the washing process faster and less painful. To detangle I wet each section using a spray bottle and apply a little bit of conditioner.


Next, it’s time to wash! Again I wash their hair in sections, unbraiding one to two braids at a time, ending up with 3-4 sections to wash. 

Protein Treatment

After washing our hair I give each of us a protein treatment using Redken’s Extreme CAT Anti-Damage Protein Reconstructing Treatment. I apply this around our edges and on our scalp, massaging it in and then brushing it through our hair for even distribution.


Leave in Conditioner or Styling