The Best Family Vacation Spots in




Florida is one of the best states for family vacations due to its great weather year round.  Below are the best family vacation spots in Florida to enjoy the next time you visit the Sunshine State.

It’s a great beach destination with white sand and a turquoise ocean that is reminiscent of the Caribbean. A beach town with a great boardwalk it’s clear why it’s one of the best family vacation spots in Florida.


Fort Myers & Sanibel Island

We spent 5 days in Fort Myers and Sanibel staying at the Pink Shell Resort which is right on the beach.  On the beach we were able to parasail, jet ski, and paddle board on the calm waters. 

There’s a reason so many families flock to Florida during school breaks.  I hope this article on the best family vacation spots in Florida gives you an idea of all the cities you can visit in addition to Orlando.