They just launched their travel feature which gives gives cash back on hotels!  Just like the restaurants and stores this is in addition to any points or miles you earn from using your debit or credit card to make the purchase.  If you aren’t using this feature you are seriously missing out on amazing savings.

How to Search for Hotels Through the Dosh App

Within the Dosh App you will type your destination and dates and then search for rooms. You can sort your search by lowest to highest cost, most cash back or filter it by specific hotel names or amenities you require. 

What’s the Catch with Booking Your Hotel Through the Dosh App?



Don’t worry you aren’t losing anything by booking your hotel through the Dosh App. It’s like using any other 3rd party booking platform, except this one comes with major perks. 

How to Get Your Cash Back for Booking Hotels Through the Dosh App

You will see your cash back pending as soon as you book your hotel through the app. After completing your hotel stay your cash back will move to your available balance on our around 30 days after your stay. 

If you aren’t already using the Dosh App you’re missing out on a lot of savings. Download it here using my referral link and get a bonus just for signing up. Plus if you refer your friends and they book a hotel now through the end of August, you can get $25! So what are you waiting for, download the free Dosh App today. Happy travels!

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