Things to do in Nashville with Kids

We recently visited Nashville with kids on a special project. The music city is filled with great food, museums, outdoor activities and more.  Here are our recommendations for things to do in Nashville with kids.

Biscuit Love, Adventure Science Center & More

We kicked off our weekend in Nashville by having breakfast at Biscuit Love. Once you order your food will come out in 7 minutes or less. The crowd favorites are their bonuts and of course biscuits.

Frist Art Museum and the Nashville Zoo



We enjoyed the morning at the Frist Art Museum in the Martin ArtQuest Gallery. Here kids can release their inner Picasso as they are able to draw portraits from a live object display, free paint, create special prints and more.

Nashville Zoo has some really unique exhibits my children loved. The two that stood out to us were the Rainbow Lorikeet and Kangaroo exhibits. 

Other Things to Do in Nashville

Mammoth Cave National Park We took a tour of the infamous cave the National Park is named after.   It was self-guided but I’m not sure if that’s just because of the time we visited or if it’s normally like that.

We hope you’ve discovered some great ideas on things to do in Nashville with kids. If you found this post helpful, please share it!