Oftentimes when people think of the city Bourbon Street, parties are all that come to mind but they forget about the culture, food and history the city offers. Here are some things to do in New Orleans with kids.

Mardi Gras World is a huge warehouse where the floats for the parades are made. As you walk through you’ll see artists designing, carving, and painting the sculptures for the floats.

Explore the World of Mardi Gras

Get Outdoors and Play at City Park

City Park is huge and has lots of activities to do with kids. Of course mine did not want to leave here so try to leave a whole day to enjoy it if you can.

The Whitney Plantation is now the only museum in Louisiana with an exclusive focus on sharing the history of the lives of the enslaved people who were forced into labor on the property.  While the visit is definitely a heavy one it’s so important for kids to learn this history.


Eat All the Beignets

If eating all the beignets isn’t on your New Orleans itinerary, it’s not complete! This fried dough delectable is a must and the more powdered sugar the better.  There are lots of places to try them and you won’t want to stop eating them, so why not learn how to make them!

Experience the Art of New Orleans

New Orleans is filled with artists and you can walk around the city and find murals all over. In addition to this street art their are galleries you can enjoy.

We had the most amazing time in New Orleans. While people often consider the city one more geared towards adult there are so many things to do in New Orleans with kids.  Did you find this article helpful? If so please share it!